Lecturer in Higher Education


'Improv(e) your playing!' at Prins Claus Conservatory

Original module where classical students can learn the basics of improvisational theatre through exercises and games to then apply their skills to improvisation in music, working on how to ‘listen actively‘, ‘accept‘ and ‘react‘ to each others’ ideas.


'Performance & Communication' at Prins Claus Conservatory

In this module students work on their stage presence and their communication skills and how to apply those on the concert platform. During the course, students also explore new audiences and different ways of presenting their work, both as soloist and as ensembles. 


'Musician as an actor' at Prins Claus Conservatory

This module is a space to explore the use and effects of onstage-physicality and to develop theatrical skills to enhance the expressiveness of our musical practice. 


'Improvise your way forward: embrace the unknown and use it to your advantage' at University of Groningen

This skills module is offered as part of the broadening program at the Honours College of the University of Groningen. In it, students learn how to use the Improv principles to develop a positive attitude toward the unknown, accepting what is offered to us, and making the most of it, which can be applied to both our personal and professional life. 

Workshop leader: Improv, Musical improv, Applied Improv for corporations...


Improv Trainer - Workshops and courses on Improv and Musical improv at Various

Trained improv groups of various levels, as well as beginners of all ages, in both improv theatre and musical improvisation in different institutions across Spain and The Netherlands.


Applied Improv Trainer - Team-building workshops for corporations  at Various

Trained corporations of various fields to develop soft skills through Improvbecoming better listeners, improving public speaking skills, dealing with unexpected circumstances in a positive way, developing problem-solving skills, and fostering trust and connection with your team members. 



Workshop leader - Creative Workshops at Fairy studio (Yiwu, China)

Intensive 3-day-workshop based on instant-composing, where children between ages of 6-12 worked together to create an original piece that was presented to an audience.


Workshop leader - Artistic Reflective Week & Engaged Art Conversations at Prins Claus Conservatorium (live/online project)

Series of workshops where 1st-year students from the different departments (Classical, Jazz and Teaching) collaborate together to create art compositions as a means to contribute to a social context.  Reflecting on their own practice and on their peers’, students learn the value of listening, accepting each other’s ideas and sense of collaboration, and understand the important role that artists have in society.

Speaker / Host


Speaker TedX youth (Grand Theatre, Groningen)

In this talk, Naomi de Ruiter and Jeny Yáñez show the importance of accepting and using ‘mistakes’ in order to continue moving forward in life and how to become good at this by applying the ‘improv mindset’.



Speaker Crisis&Creativity Winter School (online), University of Groningen

Improv wisdom helps us deal with the uncertainty of life, especially in times of crisis. By using the ‘yes, and’ principle in our daily lives, we can develop a more adaptive and positive mindset. 




Speaker Education Festival, University of Groningen

Presenting ¨Improvise your way forward: Teaching 21st century skills in Higher Education through Improv theatre¨.



Speaker PCC Research Festival, Prins Claus Conservatory

Presenting ¨From Motion to Emotion: Enhancing musicians’ expressiveness through Improvisational theatre” 


Host at Various

Hosted concerts and events at different locations and for different types of audiences. My goal is to provide interactive and entertaining presentations to keep the audience engaged during any type of event.


Other projects


Improv actress and resident pianist at Stranger Things Have Happened

Performed regular shows in the Netherlands and abroad (United Kingdom (Edinburgh Fringe Festival), Norway, Denmark, and Germany)

More about Stranger Things Have Happened: www.sthh.nl


Coach - Stage Presence and Creative Performances
at Various

Coached several ensembles and orchestras on stage presence and communication skills, as well as on how to create innovative and interactive performances to engage their audiences.


¨Pitch? Perfect!¨ - Presentation skills for Academics
at ¨Nothing But The Truth Conference¨

Workshop aimed to equip academics with the essential tools to perfect their academic pitch, fostering improvement in stage presence, body posture, and delivery of content.


Webinar - How to improve team dynamics while working remotely at International Welcome Center North

In this webinar, we provided participants with knowledge and practical tools to improve team dynamics, especially with international and diverse teams.