TED talk: ‘Using improv to move forward’

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Research: “From motion to Emotion” – Enhancing expressiveness through Improv

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Coaching: Stage Presence & Presentation Skills for Musicians

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Course: Improv(e) Your Playing

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In Creatio Ex Improv, we use principles and tools from Improvisational theatre practices to develop new skills and mindsets that can be applied to professional and daily lifeallowing individuals and groups to self-reflect and grow in a safe space while having fun. 

Improv is a theatre genre in which characters, dialogues, and reality are all made up on the spot, usually based on audience’s suggestions. In order to do this, improvisers need to learn how to be in the moment, how to listen actively and how to react to each other’s ideas by building upon them instead of blocking them, learning to trust themselves and their stage partners,.

By providing a space where participants make things up as they go along, we allow individuals to step out of the ¨success-failure¨ mindset, inviting them to leave their comfort zones and to explore their identities free of judgement.

For that reason, Improv can be a means for individuals to learn how to be more spontaneous and creative, to connect and communicate better, as well as to become more adaptive and resilient, allowing them to approach their professional practice in a healthy and sustainable way.

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Improv training can be applied in different contexts and for different (non-theatrical) purposes. 

The content and duration of the workshops can be tailored to participants’ needs.

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Improv for musicians’ professional development, improv for corporations, improv for personal growth, improv for public speaking… etc.

¨The noun of self becomes a verb. This flashpoint of creation in the present moment is where work and play merge.¨​

Stephen Nachmanovitch, Free Play