This course was both challenging and fun. I loved how the improv games help you improvise even though they are not right away on the instruments and the fact that all of them are focused on a different skill. It helped us understand how everything is connected and that we can apply the same skills playing our instrument.
Greata Gutuleac
Pianist - Improv(e) your playing
Jeny's amazing musical skills form a very exciting basis for her rehearsals, during which I had so much fun!

She provided me with a new perspective on improv, and I would wholeheartedly recommend her as an improv trainer.
Julian Rengers
PhD Candidate in Sociology - Improv training
It is always enjoyable and fruitful to collaborate with such and creative, responsible, considerate yet humorous personality!

She has an open mind, and a loving heart.
Yanjun Shi
Pianist and Workshop leader -
Collaboration in Creative educational workshop
Before taking your class I would never ever sing in public, improvise or act! Now I feel way more comfortable in my own skin doing it, and just not being scared of what might happen in unexpected (non rehearsed) situations...
Maja Pankovic
Cellist - Improv(e) your playing
At the end of the course it was easier for me to receive input from the others and make it mine, so not just copying it but taking just the rhythm or the melody and making it my own way. As a classical musician, it was great to have 2 hours per week were you would not make mistake, as we were in the process of improvising and there was not really right or wrong.
Francesca Pusceddu
Singer - Improv(e) your playing
The improv workshop was a unique experience which I enjoyed very much. It was something I'd never done before and Jenifer was wonderful at giving instructions. I got to know other people and had tons of fun.

I highly recommend everyone to give it a try and I most definitely would wanna do it again!
Eduardo García
Intro to Improv workshop