Improv Pianist, Improv Comedy Actress Stranger Things Have Happened

Stranger Things Have Happened  has been one of the leading improv comedy groups of the Netherlands since 2009. STHH is been well known for its weekly jams and monthly shows as well as being hired by universities, corporations, festivals and museums throughout the country. Abroad, they’ve performed in places such as the United Kingdom (Edinburgh Fringe Festival), Norway, Denmark and Germany.

For bookings:


Teacher - Improv(e) your playing! at Prins Claus Conservatory

Original module currently part of the Bachelor program of Prins Claus Conservatorium, where classical students can learn the basics of the theatre genre through exercises and games to then apply their skills to improvisation in music. 


Improv Trainer - Workshops and courses on Improv Basics, Improv advanced, Musical improv 
at Various

Trained several improv groups of different levels, as well as beginners of all ages, in both Spanish and English. 


Workshop leader - Creative Workshops in Yiwu (China)

Intensive 3-day-workshop based on instant-composing, where children between ages of 6-12 worked together to create an original piece that was presented to an audience.


Speaker TedX youth (Grand Theatre, Groningen)

In this talk, Naomi de Ruiter and Jeny Yáñez show the importance of accepting and using “mistakes” in order to continue moving forward in life and how to become good at this by applying the “improv mindset”.




Pianist Sentido

Founded in 2015 by Junior Martir and Jenifer Yáñez, a Spanish classical pianist and improviser, Sentido is a crossover band based in Groningen, whose aim is blending different musical backgrounds and mixing cultures in new ways.

In 2017, the band decides to expand adding as members Nil Domenech (Catalonian classical cellist and cross-art performer) and Rosan Asmussen (Dutch bass player with world-music influences). As a result, an interesting fusion of flamenco, Caribbean rhythms, Afro beats, classical, pop and folk music. Sentido is an extravaganza of sight and sounds, cultures, melodies, timbers and rhythms.