Jenifer was very helpful for us when we were preparing for a big concert. With her enthusiasm and experience, she taught us how to present ourselves and how to increase our self-confidence on stage. We had a lovely afternoon, we learned a lot and we laughed a lot! Our concert was a great success, thanks to Jenifer (among other things of course 😊)
This course was both challenging and fun. I loved how the improv games help you improvise even though they are not right away on the instruments and the fact that all of them are focused on a different skill. It helped us understand how everything is connected and that we can apply the same skills playing our instrument.
Greta Gutuleac
Pianist - Improv(e) your playing
It is always enjoyable and fruitful to collaborate with such and creative, responsible, considerate yet humorous personality!

She has an open mind, and a loving heart.

Yanjun Shi
Pianist and Workshop leader -
Collaboration in Creative educational workshop
Jeny's amazing musical skills form a very exciting basis for her rehearsals, during which I had so much fun!

She provided me with a new perspective on improv, and I would wholeheartedly recommend her as an improv trainer.
Julian Rengers
PhD Candidate in Sociology - Improv training
At the end of the course it was easier for me to receive input from the others and make it mine. As a classical musician, it was great to have 2 hours per week were you would not make mistake, as we were in the process of improvising and there was not really right or wrong.
Francesca Pusceddu
Singer - Improv(e) your playing
Before taking your class I would never ever sing in public, improvise or act! Now I feel way more comfortable in my own skin doing it, and just not being scared of what might happen in unexpected (non rehearsed) situations...
Maja Pankovic
Cellist - Improv(e) your playing