Creatio Ex Improv  believes that art comes from connection rather than individual inspiration. Engaging your context and engaging others is the real artistic genesis. Improvisation  is our means to this end.

Improv training creates an atmosphere of positive purpose that enhances creativity, where every individual is encouraged to contribute, creating sense of collaboration and connection, which is the core of Creatio Ex Improv.

Improv can be applied to many different fields and its benefits can be noticeable in professional and daily life.

“Artistic genesis always begins somewhere…”

Jenifer Yáñez Villahermosa

Musician | Improviser | Coach: Stage presence & innovative performances 


Behind Creatio Ex Improv you find Jenifer. Jenifer is a professional musician based in Groningen (The Netherlands) whose passion is creating things from scratch and developing playfulness and creative practices  for and with groups. 

She specializes in improv and its applications, as well as improvisation in music. 

Currently she works as a teacher of three different improv, stage presence and expressiveness related courses at Prins Claus Conservatorium, and has been running creative educational workshops nationally and internationally for several years. 

You can also find her on stage and behind the piano as an actress and the resident pianist of the improv comedy group Stranger Things Have Happened.

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