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TEDx Groningen - Using improv to move forward

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In this talk, Naomi de Ruiter and Jenifer Yáñez show the importance of accepting and using “mistakes” in order to continue moving forward in life. 

This talk was given at a TEDx event in Groningen, on April 23rd – 2018.

Online Improv for kids
(ages between 7-12)


In these difficult times we are all facing, our kids would benefit from deepening into new challenges, getting creative and diving into worlds of fantasy, far away from ‘covid’s 19’… 

This is the reason why Creatio Ex Improv will be offering an improv workshop next Friday, April 3rd, where kids will be able to let their imagination fly playing games, while they also learn about improvisation, understand the importance of supporting one another and create stories from scratch.

If you are interested in participating, please fill in this form and you will receive more info soon!

Improvísame - Improv in Spanish in Groningen!

Improvísame was created as a platform for Spanish speakers in Groningen to connect through Improv

They organize monthly Improv Jams and regular Improv workshops in Spanish.

Find more info on Improvísame's Facebook or Instagram!

“Some ideas come in a moment, but many aspects have to be worked out over days, weeks, months – even years. And those ideas don’t usually come by being isolated but by being connected: with other artists, the history of art, friends who inspire you, and the world of everyday life.”


Bruce Ellis Benson, The Oxford Handbook of Critical Improvisation Studies, volume 2